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Pav Dharia Returns With Album Red

Pav Dharia is a multi-talented Music Director, Singer, Director and Cinematographer of Panjabi Music Industry. After Huge Success of My Turn, Pav Dharia Returns with Album Red. It is a collaboration of young singers like Babbal Rai,  Jassi Gill, Prabh Gill, Hardy Sandhu and Ranjit Bawa along with Pav Dharia. It is a 8 track album. It also feature Dheera Chatha and Devinder Dharia in two tracks. He had already proved his talent with his debut project My Turn and his song ‘Nikli Tu Bewafa’ became a big hit previousely. Song ‘Teri Jhanjar’ by Devinder Dharia also ensures his skills in music direction.
Red,Pav Dharia,Jassi Gill,Hardy Sandhu

Album: Red
Music: Pav Dharia
Singers: Pav Dharia, Devinder Dharia, Jassi Gill, Prabh Gill, Hardy Sandhu, Ranjit Bawa, Babbal Rai and Dheera Chatha.
Label: Speed Record

Tracklisting of Album Red is as follow:

  1. Gal Sun – Pav Dharia 
  2. Tera Naam – Pav Dharia and Babbal Rai
  3. Pyar Mera – Pav Dharia and Jassi Gill | Lyrics
  4. Pehli Vaar – Pav Dharia and Prabh Gill | Lyrics
  5. Athri Jawani – Pav Dharia and Devinder Dharia
  6. Heer Meri – Pav Dharia and Dheera Chatha
  7. Naal Naal – Pav Dharia and Ranjit Bawa
  8. Saah – Pav Dharia and Hardy Sandhu | Lyrics

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