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Mickey Virus is a 2013 Hindi Thriller comedy film written &
directed by Saurabh Varma. Mickey Virus is produced by DAR Motion
Pictures in association with Trilogic Digital Media Limited &
Awesome Films Pvt. Ltd. The film features Manish Paul, Elli Avram,
Manish Choudhary, Puja Gupta, and Varun Badola as main characters.  

Mohar Basu from Site Koimoi says, “Saurabh Varma’s Mickey Virus is indeed a wickedly thought film but it adopts an overtly contrived and complicated plot to build a story that is predictably simplistic. The screenplay is stuffed up with unnecessary elements, mostly songs, that makes the film’s first half feel like an absolute drag. However, the concept saves it from being an absolute nonsense though it might ring incomprehensible in parts. Manish Paul’s otherwise cute buffoonery isn’t enough to drag you to the cinema halls but given good films are in short supply these days, this might be the best way to relish your popcorn.”
Faheem Ruhani From India Today Group Wrote, “The comic-thriller is fast paced, constantly taking you from one unexpected situation to another. The dialogue is witty, full of repartee and with many smart one-liners that most characters, even the supporting ones get to mouth and display their comic mettle.  Mickey Virus is not a bug you would want to get rid off easily. Go get infected!”
Taran Adarsh From Bollywood Hungama Says, “While much of the first half of
MICKEY VIRUS is committed to Mickey, his friends and the romantic
liaison with Kamayani [Elli Avram], the story gathers momentum towards
the post-interval portions. Saurabh sets aside the best for the second
hour as MICKEY VIRUS gathers pace and alters tracks [it gets into the
thriller mode], with several unanticipated twists thrown in the
sequence of events. The murder, the ambiguity behind the murder, the
cat and mouse game… Saurabh ensures there’s no dreary or yawn-inducing
moment now. The build up to the culmination is nerve-racking, with the
identity of the actual perpetrators catching you completely unaware.On
the whole, MICKEY VIRUS is a well-made, engrossing thriller that should
be liked by the youngsters.”
Madhureeta Mukherjee from Times of India wrote, “This one isn’t so deadly that we can’t decode, or so simple that we just download and ESC (read: escape). So, risk it and hit ENTER! Varma allows his characters to flourish in wit and humour. The plot is intelligent; there are laughs (sample: a tee printed – ‘Jab Tak Hai Trojan’), some suspense and surprises too. Though the direction is not error-free, it could’ve been more innovative and he often tips the balance between comedy and thriller. This virus won’t crash your system. Watch it!”
Reviewer Source Rating
Faheem Ruhani India Today 3 out of 5
Madhureeta Mukherjee Times of India 3 out of 5
Taran Adarsh Bollywood Hungama 3 out of 5
Saibal Chaterjee NDTV 2.5 out of 5
Shubhra Gupta Indian Express 2 out of 5
Daily Bhaskar* Dainik Bhaskar 1.5 out of 5
Mohar Basu Koimoi 2.5 out of 5
Paloma Sharma Rediff 2 out of 5

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