Planet Recordz Going to Make Soni Pabla Alive

Planet Recordz Going to Make Soni Pabla Alive

The circle of life and death is an ever-moving one. As we make our journey through life, we manage to make connections that will live on through fond memories. One man who made countless connections in the hearts of Panjabi music fans was the late great Soni Pabla. 

, Planet Recordz Going to Make Soni Pabla Alive

Song: Unfinshed Project
Singer: Soni Pabla
Music Director: MoneySpinner
Video Director: Parmod Sharma Rana
Label: Planet Recordz

With the ability to deliver performances with such grace and soul, Soni attracted some of the biggest names in Panjabi music to collaborate with including Sukshinder Shinda, Aman Hayer & DJ Sanj to name a few. To this day, Panjabi music fans still have fond memories of the music Soni left us with a string of hits such as Gal Dil Di, Boli Pani & Dil Tera. 
Soni was a rare artist whose charisma transcended his musical career as he touched the hearts of anyone who ever had the pleasure to meet him. His family and friends have solace in knowing the person they loved provided so many people across the globe happiness through his art.
On October 14th 2006, Soni was in his element, entertaining people on stage during another engaging performance in Brampton, Canada. Soon after his performance, the time came for him to leave the worlds stage, Soni collapsed & sadly passed away on the way to hospital. A loss that was mourned through out the world of Panjabi entertainment.
The Pabla & Planet Recordz family wish to thank his worldwide fan base for their continued love and support, it has truly helped through such a difficult time.
Seven years to the day of Soni’s untimely passing, Planet Recordz will be releasing a fitting tribute to his memory, the Unfinished Project. 
To compliment the essence of Soni’s incomparable vocal delivery, Planet Recordz knew that they would have to commission producers who would be able to appeal to Soni’s international fan base. With an extensive trail of hits and a melodic folk style, MoneySpinner are the perfect accompaniment. MoneySpinner gladly undertook the project, which they regard as an honour and highlight in their musical career.
“We have been fans of Soni Pabla so the news of his untimely death shocked us all. We had thought the opportunity of ever working with Soni had passed.
Whilst on a recent event in Canada, we met with Planet Recordz who talked about “The Unfinished Project”. After many discussions we were given the huge responsibility of completing the project. Never before have we worked on such a track which has so much emotion attached to it. We have worked endless hours in the studio for all of Soni’s Family, friends and fans but also for Soni Pabla himself. Enjoy…”
The memory of Soni Pabla will always live on through his music, gone but never forgotten…
Source: Official Page of Planet Recordz
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Unfinished Project will be releasing worldwide on 14/10/2013 and will be available via all major digital stores. 

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