Interview With Nit Mann – Singer and Song Writer

Exclusive Interview with Nit Mann, Singer and Song Writer of Song Pendu from Album Panj-Aab Vol. 1 released under T-Series featuring various vocalists.

Punjabi Singer

Artist: Nit Mann
Date of Birth: 18th July 1992
Birth Place: Malout, Punjab.
Education: B.Sc from PU in year 2012.
Official Facebook Page:

MuzicMag: Let’s get straight, tell us in brief, who is Nit Mann, Especially for those who don’t know you? Also, What Interested you initially in the music field ?
Nit Maan: Hello, Myself Nit Mann and I am a Punjabi Singer cum Lyricist. I have spent my childhood at Malout, Punjab, with my parents & elder sister. My parents wanted me to study further, but I was more interested in singing & opt for my dream career. Singing is the zeal for me to live my life ahead, however, to give voice to my thoughts I do write lyrics & poems, inspirational writings also fascinate me a lot. Hanging around with friends provide freshness to me.
Whatever I used to write wanted to give those words the tune of a song and desired that people would listen my thoughts that are merged in my songs. In fact in my college days when I used to write anything I tried to convert them into a song.
MuzicMag: Your First Song, that you think, become a threshold for your career?
Nit: Pendu is the threshold for my singing career, I wrote this song in my college days & performed at the annual function of the college & received the prize of best performer of the day, all my friends supported me to get this song mp3 recorded. Those days Mr. Harwinder Sidhu was working on his first project and asked me that he would like to hear my song, I sent him the song & he liked it. And my musical journey got its first step. I am really thankful to all Panj Aab Records team for giving me this opportunity.
Punjabi Song Writer
MuzicMag: Behind every successful artist, support and encouragement of his family matters a lot. How you will describe it in your case?
Nit: My family wanted me to go for higher studies, they were in a view that I should make a secure career first then only should start my singing career side by side. Though they were not in much favor of my singing career but never even asked me to forget my dreams.
MuzicMag: Punjabi Music Industry is full with very big names. Which out of them you look to for inspiration, whose work has influenced you most?
Nit: Gurdaas Maan ji is my inspiration as since childhood I used to listen his songs, I get so inspired by the deep facts & emotions hidden in his songs. And Sharry Mann, he has encouraged me a lot, in fact his words has boosted me with self confidence. I think he is my lucky charm.
MuzicMag: Did you encounter failure on your journey?
Nit: Initial stage for any journey is usually struggling same was mine. Before Pendu, I was looking for a chance since 4 years but no one was ready to have faith on me. But my friends Sahil Kalra and Jeet Jatinder asked me you just start working on your song and we’ll look after the finances. Really my friends has played very important part to give a start to my singing career.
MuzicMag: Tell us about some of your positive and negative traits:
Nit: “Hmmm… the negative traits I think I am very short temper, I think a lot that sometimes cause problems, and sometimes become emotional even at some practical time.
Positive I think people can tell me better, however I can explain my feeling by my singing that I feel is positive trait of my personality.”
MuzicMag: Does your profession describe your inner self in any way?
Nit: Yes, sometimes my feelings & my thoughts become my songs and describe what I can not say in simple words. My songs completely justifies the actual Nit Mann.
MuzicMag: Which Punjabi Singer you’ll like to collaborate with?
Nit: Sharry mann
MuzicMag: Your favorite Punjabi Actor?
Nit: Yograj Singh Ji, Guggu Gill Saab, Diljit Dosanjh.
MuzicMag: Tell us about your forthcoming projects.
Nit: still in working. Announced soon. Stay tuned..

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