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Tiger Jatt is an Urban American Punjabi Singer from New York City with hit singles such as Hauli Hauli Nach Ke, Aadat, Highway and his new release Endless Love. His music focuses are Urban R&B, Bhangra with hip-hop, and remixes. TJ sings and writes all of his tracks. Tiger Jatt has been featured as the next Top Urban Punjabi Singer and aspiring artist in numerous Press and Media the world over.  As the world audiences are still recovering from the aftershocks of his upbeat and unique style, he’s going even further in the game by combining Panjabi and Spanish music. Tiger’s musical influences have been Chamkila who he has been listening to as a young child. He started his music career by firstly perfecting his skills with the help of a vocal coach and then he took his talents to parties, melas, etc. Once he had some recognition, he hit up the studio and started recording, Tiger Jatt is one of the most successful American Urban Punjabi artists with a loyal fan base worldwide.

, Interview With Tiger Jatt – Urban American Punjabi Singer | MuzicMag

Full Name: Harman  Occupation: Singer/Lyricist
Age: 28
Birth Place: Newyork, US
Official Facebook Page:

Your First Project/Song?

My first Project/Song was “Hauli Hauli Nach Ke” [Watch on Youtube]

What initially interested you into this field?
Singing was a passion for me from a young age and growing up in an Urban community like New York, I was surrounded by Rap, Hip Hop, Spanish and R&B music, that’s where my style comes from and of course being Punjabi, it made me mix my music into an interesting combination of Punjabi music.

What did your family do to encourage you?
My family knowing singing was a passion at young age for me, they encouraged me to pursue my dreams…they always support me and I am grateful for it.

How long have you been into this field?
I have been singing at a young age, but I officially started it publicly in 2009.

How do you spend your leisure time?
I love spending my spare time with my handsome lil nephews and my beautiful supportive family.  Going on relaxing vacations, drinking champagne.  I also enjoy watching basketball and movies on Netflix.

What does music means to you?
Music is everything to me; my hobby, my passion, my life, it was my dream to become a singer at a young age and I am making my dreams come true…a reality. Music puts me in different trance that calms my mind, body & soul, picking up my spirit.

, Interview With Tiger Jatt – Urban American Punjabi Singer | MuzicMag
Tell us about your three positive and three negative traits.
I believe the positive traits; I have a good heart, I am confidant and always like to lift up others spirits. 
Negative traits would be I always try to make everyone happy no matter what, but sometimes its impossible to do so with some, I could be a little impatience, but know patience is a virtue, which I cultivate as much as I can, and thirdly I can be a little blunt.

What big names in the music industry you look to for inspiration, whose work has influenced you most?
The main influences on my sound & style came from Daddy Yankee a Spanish rapper, when I was in high school I heard his song called “Gasolina” which really uplifted me and inspired me to make my own music.

Your hobbies other than Music?
Swimming, Basketball and going on Vacations

What has been your most memorable assignment and why?
My most memorable assignment was when I made my music video “Highway”.  I had to go to Los Angeles twice to work on my music video and it was an excellent experience…taught me the knowledge I need to know now in order to work on my future music video’s.

Does your profession describe your inner self in any way?
My Profession gives me an awareness of inner peace, contentment that i thought i could never achieve…following your dreams is the best thing you can do for your peace of mind.

Which Indian singer or an International Singer you’ll like to collaborate with?
Daddy Yankee & French Montana

Your best experience at concert yet? (The crowd you adored)
My best experience at a concert so far was at New York Bay Side…the audience was very inviting & upbeat for me…it excited me to perform my best for my fans.  I was very satisfied & content with my performance.

How do you see your next 10 months, what are you going to do? Any clue about your upcoming projects?
Currently, I am working on a new track called “New York” which will be out by this summer.  I am also working on another project where I am going to feature famous rappers for my upcoming music…I will keep u posted. 

Can you talk about a fan that completely took you by surprise?
Nothing in person, but usually on my Facebook page: , I get a lot of positive heartfelt messages from my fans and am grateful for it.

Any celebrity crushes?
Jessica Alba
Favorite Actor and Actress? (Punjabi/Bollywood)
Actor: Akshay Kumar
Actress: Sonakshi Sinha

Favorite Color?
Black & White

Any Message for your fans?
Please support me the Urban American Punjabi Artist Tiger Jatt, invite your Facebook friends to be apart of this new artist’s movement on  I would also love to thank my fans, I am grateful for your unconditional love and your interest in my music.  I really appreciate your positive support !
Listen to Tiger Jatt on YouTube to the links below, also download his music for free!
Stay Safe & Sweet ;)

Thank You So Much Harman For taking time out of your schedule and Best of luck for your future projects from all the team members of Muzicmag. Thanks again.

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