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Romeo Ranjha All Songs Lyrics and Music Review

Romeo Ranjha All Songs Lyrics and Music Review: Music Album of Punjabi Movie Romeo Ranjha contains 6 Tracks, excluding duet version of a track. 4 tracks are sung by Jazzy B and 2 are in the voice of Garry Sandhu. Duet version of Title Track ‘Romeo Ranjha’ is sung by both. Music of all the songs is composed by Music Master Jatinder Shah and Beat Minister.  Songs are written by Various songwriters Veet Baljit, Satti Khokhewalia, Kumaar and Garry Sandhu etc.

Movie Album: Romeo Ranjha
Singers: Jazzy B, Garry Sandhu
Music Director: Jatinder Shah
Music Label: Speed Records

Rambo Ranjha All Songs Lyrics

01. Garry Sandhu – Athroo Lyrics 
Lyrics – Garry Sandhu | Music – Beat Minister
“Akhiyan De Athroo, Tera Naam Laind Aa
Chhad Ke Na Jayin Sun, Vaar Vaar Kehnde Aa”

02. Garry Sandhu – Chandri Raat Lyrics
“Milne Ton Pehlan Gall Baat Muk Gayi
Ve Chandri Ve Cahndri
Ve Chandri Raat Muk Gayi, Muk Gayi”

03. Jazzy B – Chotte Kakke Lyrics
“Mummy Kehndi Chheti Aa,
Daddy Kehnde Chheti Aa
Saanu Taa Hai Chadhi Jawani
Saare Bolo No No No..”

04. Jazzy B – Jugnu Lyrics | Satti Khokhewalia
“Akhiyan Ch Morni De 2 Jugnu
Jugnu Mahobbtan De Jagg De”

05. Jazzy B, Garry Sandhu – Romeo Ranjha (Duet Version) Lyrics
“Lo Ji Romeo Ranjha Aa Gaye
Ji Romeo Ranjha Aa”

06. Jazzy B – Romeo Ranjha Lyrics | Lyrics – Veet Baljit
“Dowein Gabhru Ne Albele
Na Eh Kise Saadh De Chele”

07. Jazzy B – Tich Lagdi Lyrics
“Saanu Pendu Mutiyar Yaaro Tich Lagdi”


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