Bhaangarh – A Horror Movie Based on Most Haunted Place in India

Bhaangarh is the name of upcoming Bollywood horror – mystery movie directed & produced by Dilip Virender Sood along with co-producers Ajay G Rai and Mayank Jain. Plot of the movie is set in the Bhaangarh Fort of Rajasthan, which is publicized as the most haunted place in India. Bhaangarh is the only legally haunted place recognized by the Indian Government.
The Bhaangarh Fort is a 17th-century abandoned city, built by order of King Madho Singh in Rajasthan province of India. At present a village with the same name has developed outside the fort but no-one enters the boundary of the fort as there is fear of ghosts haunting the old city. There are 200 households in the village with a population of more than 1300 people.
It is said that those who don’t believe in ghosts and spirits should visit this haunted place once to feel their existence. It is not just a mouth-told myth, but a fact confirmed by many people who visit Bhangarh fort.
The Archeological Survey of India has put up a board on the fort gate that it is prohibited for tourists to stay inside the fort area after sunset and before sunrise. Locals say whoever has tried to stay inside after sunset was never found.

Movie: Bhaangarh
Genre: Mystery-Horror
Director: Dilip Virender Sood
Year: 2014

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