Ek Villain (2014) – Movie Reviews From All Film Critics

Ek Villian is a drama about revenge copied from Korean revenge saga, ‘I Saw The Devil’. Starring Sidharth Malhotra, Riteish Deshmukh and Shraddha Kapoor, It is directed by Mohit Suri (director of Aashiqui 2). Check out reviews of various film critics out on Internet media:

, Ek Villain (2014) – Movie Reviews From All Film Critics

Reviewer Source Rating Remark
Mohar Basu Koimoi 4 Ek Villain is
an indulgent affair that breaks down the boundaries of regular
thriller. Mohit Suri has raised the bar with this film that is
captivatingly shot and crisply edited.
Raedita Tandon Filmfare 4 Though indulgent in parts, Ek Villain packs in a punch. Copy of a Korean film or not, it’s ‘good’ paisa vasool entertainment. Make it your weekend watch.
Taran Adarsh Bollywood Hungama 4 Ek Villain is a stylish, spellbinding and terrifying edge-of-the-seat thriller. It’s a step forward in this genre, without doubt. A sure-shot winner!
Meena Iyer Times of India 3 You cannot
fault the scale of Ek Villain or berate its lead star cast. But you
wish you could celebrate this thriller like you did Suri’s last movie
outing Aashiqui 2. This one lacks soul.
Rohit Khilnani India Today 3 The dialogues
are just not in sync with the plot of the film. A lot of times they
break into some poetic language which neither suits their characters
nor it goes with the plot.
Sarita Tanwar DNA 3 ‘Ek Villian’
is a vendetta of violence with great music
Sweta Kaushal Hindustan Times 3 Watch Ek
Villain for an amazing performance by Riteish Deshmukh, the music
(which is already a hit) and a well-knit plot. This is certainly not a
film you would want to miss.
Saibal Chaterjee NDTV 2 There is one
in every love story, the film’s tagline proclaims. Not true at all. Ek
Villain has one too many, both among the dramatis personae on the
screen and the men behind the scenes.
Shubhra Gupta Indian Express 2 Sidharth
Malhotra is watchable, he just seems so nice and wholesome all the
time. It is Riteish Deshmukh who sweeps the stakes.
Rediff 1.5 Why, again, is
this a remake? Why would these filmmakers steal from a film and yet
leave out the good parts, the bits that made those films great? And why
do we do it over and over again?
Komal Nahta Zee ETC The best part
of the story and screenplay is that it is supremely entertaining and
absolutely engaging. In fact, so riveting is the screenplay that it is
difficult to take one’s eyes off the screen for even a second.
Mihir Fadnavis First Post The villain is
actually pretty well rendered by Ritesh Deshmukh. Like in almost every
previous film of his, he’s a refreshingly big talent in a pool of
Sneha May
Emirates24by7 While Riteish
Deshmukh makes an earnest effort, Mohit Suri fails to guide his other

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