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Kuldeep Rasila Returns With ‘Jinde’ | A Banty Himmatpuri’s Project

Kuldeep Rasila is a well known singer of Punjabi Music industry. He started his career when He was just 15. He was famous for his ‘female’ vocals against Dharm Preet in Duet Songs. He gave some big Hits like ‘Kehndi Hundi Si’, ‘Doli Wali Car’, ‘Safari’, ‘Doriya’, ‘Jattan De Putt’ etc.
Now He is back with a Brand New Music Album entitled ‘Jinde’ in collaboration with Record Label ‘Amar Audio’ and Famous Lyricist Banty Himmatpuri. Music of the Album is composed by Daljit Singh. Album will be released with 7 or 8 Tracks listed below. Caller Tunes codes of all the Songs are available on Youtube now!

Album: Jinde
Singer: Kuldeep Rasila
Music: Daljit Singh
Lyrics: Banty Himmatpuri
Producer: Pinky Dhaliwal
Music Label: Amar Audio

1. Jinde
2. Billo
3. Sai
4. Jattan De Putt
5. Jeonde Phirde Aan
6. Laare
7. Nasha

, Kuldeep Rasila Returns With ‘Jinde’ | A Banty Himmatpuri’s Project

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