Unforgettable – Soni Pabla Ft J-Statik & DJ KSR – A Tribute by Planet Recordz

In October, 2013 Planet Recordz released a single track ‘Unfinished Project‘ featuring vocals of Late Legendary Singer Soni Pabla. The man who gave voice to evergreen tracks like ‘Sohneyo Narazagi Te Nahi‘, ‘Husan Di Kivein Tareef Likhan‘ but left the world in October 2006 in very beginning of his musical journey. He was a great Singer and Song Writer with Unique tone of voice. ‘Unfinished Project’ was loaded with 7 tracks compiled into a single, including 5 unreleased songs of Soni Pabla. Now, they are releasing another Project of Soni Pabla entitled ‘Unforgettable’ this time. Music of the track is produced by famous DJs J-Statik and DJ KSR. Releasing on the occasion of Soni Pabla’s Birthday – June 29th, 2014, Stay Tuned!
Song: Unforgettable
Singer: Late Soni Pabla [Biography]
Music: J Statik, DJ KSR
Music Lable: Planet Recordz

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“As we all know Soni Pabla’s birthday is coming up on June 29th. Planet Recordz is proud to announce that we will be releasing a single in his memories for all his fans around the world! Music done by Toronto’s very own J-Statik & DJ KSR. This track will be released worldwide on June 29th! Spread the word to keep our brother Soni’s memories alive!” – Planet Recordz

, Unforgettable – Soni Pabla Ft J-Statik & DJ KSR – A Tribute by Planet Recordz

Update June 29th: Unforgettable is not a new track but a remix version of song ‘Gal Dil Di’ by DJ J-Statik and DJ KSR.

Update July 9, 2014: Check out official Full Video of Unforgettable ►

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