Yo Yo Honey Singh Buys Team ‘Yo Yo Tigers’ in WKL-1: World Kabaddi League

It was hugely demanded by the Public when the previous year Pearls world cup Kabaddi was going on, that there must be a World Kabaddi League like other sports such as Football, Cricket and Hockey. Demand is going to be fulfilled this upcoming winter season when First World Kabaddi League will be held in different countries from August to December 2014. 
The lost Indian Game caught fire when Punjab Government started World Kabaddi Cup a few years ago and Invited the whole world to participate in it. Now the time is not so far when whole world will enjoy this stunning sport on a Channel like ‘Sony Six’.

, Yo Yo Honey Singh Buys Team ‘Yo Yo Tigers’ in WKL-1: World Kabaddi League
Yo Yo Honey Singh Announcing his team ‘Yo Yo Tigers’

Internationally acclaimed Punjabi Rapper and Music Composer Yo Yo Honey Singh has bought a team in this WKL followed by Bollywood Superstar Akshay Kumar who already had own one. Honey Singh has named his team behind his own name titled ‘Yo Yo Tigers’ and is busy in composing a promotional track to publicize his team globally. His team will be hosted by Toronto, Canada.
In reply to the question about strategy behind the name ‘Yo Yo Tigers’ he said, “I have named the team after my own name because I want to represent the game internationally. I know children and youth relate to me, so I feel they will support my team as much as they support me,”
, Yo Yo Honey Singh Buys Team ‘Yo Yo Tigers’ in WKL-1: World Kabaddi League
Recently Yo Yo Honey Singh started Global Fighting Championship (GFC) in Dubai, and now he is ready to be a part of traditional Sport of Punjabis. Honey Singh replied the question about his interest in action sports saying, “I like action-based sports and Kabbadi is my favourite. I wanted to be associated with a sport on which I really believe, so I bought a team in World Kabbadi League and Toronto will host my team,”

World Kabaddi League is a touring sports league which will be played internationally across 15 international venues including UK, USA, Canada, UAE and India, starting August 9th 2014 at London.
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