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Reema Nagra from Abbotford Starring in Upcoming Punjabi Film ‘Work Weather Wife’

A fresh face to a fresh storyline, a tale of years of hard work pays off for Reema Nagra. It wasn’t a cake walk for actress Reema Nagra being Canadian and Punjabi being her second language. But she pulled off an outstanding performance with countless research and preparation for her debut lead role in film Work Weather Wife. 
Her jouney entails a last minute audition and a showcase of raw natural talent to future plans of continuing acting in punjabi films. The artistic and deep message of this film and it’s daring storyline was extremely attractive to Reema. Her upbringing kept her close to her roots and with a strong athletic background, to her leadership roles as a highschool teacher, instilled an undying attitude to accomplish the impossible which she brought on set to complete this project. 

, Reema Nagra from Abbotford Starring in Upcoming Punjabi Film ‘Work Weather Wife’
Reema Nagra – Lead Actress in Punjabi Film ‘WWW’

This film touches on all emotions from beauty, love, betrayal, suspense, loyalty, desire, life-changing moments correlating to real-life, which is what Reema has wanted to be a part of. “Media is a great medium to move masses, and teach wonderful life lessons: Says Nagra “It’s the most effective way to get through to people.” Reema especially enjoyed her experience with world renowned director Harpreet Sandhu, who created a non-mainstream film. Reema always likes to be a part of not so usual and typical acting roles, and likes to take on the challenges of complicated characters. 
Reema is an example of what you put your mind to you can accomplish with no limits to what you can achieve, and she continues to strive forward in her role in next upcoming punjabi film “Blackmail”. Stay tuned for the most gripping film of the year. 

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