Jaskurn Gosal outraged over Preet Harpal’s decision not to use original version of LAW Song

Jaskurn Gosal has raised voice against Preet Harpal for not using the original version of  track ‘LAW’  in his latest released album ‘Waqt (My Time)’. Jaskurn Gosal said, “I’m not working with any label with this track, nor am I using a media manager”. An audio version to the original track is already available on Soundcloud and Youtube.


Jaskurn is Australia’s First main stream Bhangra music producer who rose to fame with track ‘Haan Balliye‘ feat Amar Singh. Jakurn outraged  publicly on the decision of the Preet Harpal not to use the original track. In his own words, “Very disappointed with Preet Harpal at his decision not to use our original version of ‘LAW’ in his latest album, which was released today.

I’m pretty upset that an agreement was not upheld, and my time, effort and money into this track went to waste.
Anyway, Good News guys..the track will be featuring on my album later this year. Stay tuned…..
The response I did receive for the leaked track was awesome, so thank you everyone who supported me.”

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