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Babbu Maan’s New Albums and Singles of 2015

Babbu Maan has a lot of stuff to release this year. After his previous year mega success including 4 World Music Awards, Babbu Maan is doing much hardwork this year. 
Recently he released ‘Eh Doye Naina’ – a sacred writing of Baba Fareed Ji from Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Now, he has announced the title of his upcoming solo project ‘Itihaas‘. Itihaas will be Babbu Maan’s 9th Music album followed by Talaash (2014).
Apart from Itihaas, there is another album being awaited by Babbu Maan’s fans is ‘Mera Gham 2’. Last year he released first track from the album, titled ‘Khat’. Public is waiting eagerly this sequal of his 2007 blockbuster ‘Mera Gham’ that was loaded with some big numbers such as ‘Ajnabi’ and ‘Kinara’.
Not only Music Albums, Babbu has released a 4-5 singles too, however some of them were to promote his foreign tour. ‘License’ and ‘Eh Doye Naina’ are Babbu Maan’s recent single tracks and now its time for the announcement of his next single – ‘College’. 

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, Babbu Maan’s New Albums and Singles of 2015

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