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Top 10 Punjabi Songs | March 2019 | Latest

Top 10 Punjabi Songs

Top 10 Punjabi Songs of Week

Top 10 Punjabi Songs are current release from various music labels of Punjab. Speed Records, T-Series, White Hill Music and Sony Music Company are some of the top production house among all existing Punjabi music labels.

Top10 Punjabi Songs chart at MuzicMag are prepared not just with the help of youtube views, likes but also with the social media trends, discussion boards and other critical reviews.

Nowadays youtube views are not the quality measure of a song, as the views can be bought easily and even a low-quality song may show millions of views in a span of a few hours of its release.

Top 10 Punjabi Songs are the tracks which are popular among the common public, are on repeat in listener’s playlists and moreover, have some quality penned lyrics with vocals from learned artists.

Below is the chart of currently running Top 10 Punjabi Songs on Top in South Asia, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Newzealand. If you think something important is missing from the chart, you can suggest in the comment. At the end of every week, we update Top 10 Punjabi Songs chart with latest entries.

Top 20 Punjabi Songs of the Week | Official Billboard | Top 20 Chart

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Top 10 Punjabi Songs Chart

Song Rank Song Title Singer Music Music Label
#1 Defaulter R Nait Mista Baaz Jass Records
#2 Legend Sidhu Moosewala The Kidd Sidhu Moosewala
#3 Athri Jawani Gurnam Bhullar Ikwinder Singh Speed Records
#4 German Gun Amrit Maan DJ Flow Speed Records
#5 Don’t Look Karan Aujla Jay Trak Rehaan Records
#6 Jatt Sanjay Dutt Ranjit Bawa Jassi X Mind Works Production
#7 Sandal Sunanda Sharma Sukh E Mad 4 Music
#8 Guddiyan Patole Gurnam Bhullar V Rakx Music Speed Records
#9 Gulab Inder Patori Preet Hundal Folk Rakaat
#10 Jattan De Munde Tarsem Jassar Desi Crew Vehli Janta Records

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