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Aadat Full Song Video & Lyrics – Ranu Mondal Ft Himesh Reshammiya | Happy Hardy & Heer

Aadat Ranu Mondal

After Teri Meri Kahani blockbuster, Ranu Mondal sings another song for Himesh Reshammiya for Happy Hardy and Heer.

Himesh Reshammiya has recorded a new song titled Aadat in vocals of Internet sensation Ranu Mondal.

Ranu Mondal New Song

The public is appreciating the very sweet voice of Ranu Mondal and they are feeling proud of Himesh to discover such a talent. However some are complaining now about a few things,

No.1 Her previous song Teri Meri Kahani is not released officially and Himesh has declared it hit just on the basis of virality it gained on the internet.

No. 2 Making her sing for a flop movie (expected). That’s not benevolence, Reshammiya. That’s being opportunistic.

No. 3 How many of you are now irritated with that Aaaaaa!!! Starting of the song??

Note: We are just hopeful that song will be released with full music video before release of Happy Hardy and Heer.

Title Aadat
Singer Himesh Reshammiya
Ranu Mondal
Music Himesh Reshammiya
Movie Happy Hardy and Heer

Aadat Full Song Lyrics Ranu Mondal

Coming Soon…

Aadat Full Video Happy Hardy and Heer

Releasing Soon. Stay Tuned!

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