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The PropheC Drops Latest Song “Tu Hi Ah” | Lyrics & Music Video

Tu Hi Ah PropheC

Singer, Songwriter, and Music Producer The PropheC has dropped music video of his latest Punjabi Song Tu Hi Ah. The song is sung and composed by PropheC while the lyrics of the song are written by popular Singer-Songwriter Amrit Maan.

Tu Hi Ah PropheC

He has released 2 big collaboration earlier this year with Sidhu Moosewala and Amrit Maan this year. He produced the music for both these numbers My Moon and Sohne Laggde (also backed vocals).

The PropheC is a Calgary based artist whose real name is Nealveer Chatha. The PropheC writes, produces and sings all of his music originally. He works with only one goal in mind – to create music which resonates with people’s hearts.

It is his firm belief that all music should be made with 100% emotion. Popular fads come and go, but music that makes you feel will last forever.

The PropheC has performed in countries around the world including Canada, USA, India, UK, France, Germany, and Norway. He also garnered millions of views and plays across streaming platforms.

He made his debut in Punjabi Music Industry with music album ‘Forever’, released back in 2011, which contained one of his first hit single ‘Sohni’. Since then, he has released three studio albums: Futureproof (2014), The Lifestyle (2016) and The Season (2019).

PropheC has collaborated with popular mainstream artists including Mickey Singh, Rashi Sood, Ikka, Bikram Singh, Pav Dharia and others.

Tu Hi Ah Lyrics – PropheC

Daso Ji Janab Kithe Chale Kalle Kalle
Dahrti Te Pair Thwadde Lagde Na Thalle
Munddeya De Dil Lai Gayi Lutt-Putt Tu
Chhaddeya Ni Kuchh Sadde Palle
Tu Hi Ah, Tu Hi Aah
Jinne Chori Chori Ankhiyan Milaiyan
Tu Hi Aah, Tu Hi Ah
Jinne Pichhe-Pichhe Gehdiyan Lawaiyan
Oh Wanga Kach Diyan Tainu Ni Main Deniya
Tere Toh Alawa Koyi Na
Onj Kudiyan Ta Dekhiya Batheriyan
Neend Raatan Di Main Kade Khoyi Na
Na Tu Dooron Dooron Tak
Sannu Nehde Nehde Rakh
Saddi Chaldi Nabaz Tu Hi Aah
Haye Tikha Tera Nak Te Bilori Teri Ankh
Sannu Aundi Na Samjh Tu Hi Aah
Tu Hi Aah, Tu Hi Ah
Tere Naa Ni Main Saanh Likhwaiyan
Tu Hi Aah, Tu Hi Aah
Jinne Pichhe-Pichhe Gehdiya Lawaiyan
Baj Diye Baj Diye Mombbatiye
Hunn Milan Thaan Koyi Na
Baaha Vich Baaha Vich Rakh Jattiye
Sachi Aitho Sohni Thaan Koyi Na
Haaye Uth Ke Swere Nit Lawan Jaan Ke
Billo Tere Jeha Naa Koyi Na
Oh Billo Munddeya Toh Bach
Jehda Hill Da Ae Lak
Ohdo Sohni Hadho Wadh Tu Hi Aan, Haye
Ture Pahuche Chak-Chak Heel Kare Thak-Thak
Billo Saareyan Toh Wakh Tu Hi Aah
Tu Hi Aah, Tu Hi Aah
Jinne Chori-Chori Ankhiya Milaiyan
Tu Hi Aah, Tu Hi Aah
Jinne Pichhe Pichhe Gehdiya Lawaiyan
Wargi Vi Tha Koyi Na
Ni Mere Warga Vi Yaar Koyi Na
Ni Hun Kar Inkaar Koi Na
Baaha Wargi Tha Koyi Na

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