Punjabi Singer Maninder Batth Shares His Depression Story, relating to Sushant Singh Rajput

Maninder Batth is a prominent Singer, Songwriter known for his Popular Hit Song "Tera Cheta"

7 years back a newcomer from Australia came with the biggest hit of 2012 titled “Tera Cheta” but couldn’t become limelight in the media despite being loved by the audience. Later he released Tera Cheta 2, Diary of Lost Love , Chaar Laavan, including his recent release “Hasse Di Wajah”. He is still struggling for his name to include among mainstream artists. Recently has shared his depression story concluded with gratitude to God and the people of Australia.

He says “It happened in 2012 when I released my hit song “Tera Cheta”, and I had no clue that my song has become so popular in Punjab that it is being played on all Cars and Busses. But soon rivals from the industry came to halt my fame knowing the man will do something for sure.

I had to choose one thing at that time, either I could have been a singer or a PR in Australia, I opted for the latter one. I had to work in a small shop in Albury despite being a hit singer. I was so frustrated at that time.

I became most depressed in 2013 when my song was not mentioned in any of the award shows. Some of my friends became my enemy, Advertisements of my songs were stopped and rivals in industry embarrassed me from time to time.

2 Days ago, I got to know the sad news of Sushant Singh’s demise. Then I realized that the choice of PR I opted back in 2012 was the better one, at least I am earning enough to live well. I could have been the same victim as Sushant if I’d have chosen to be a fulltime Singer then.

So I am here to express my gratitude to the Almighty, and above that to the land of Australia which nourished my hard work, returning a beautiful life, and made me capable to serve my mother tongue Punjabi as a Singer-songwriter.”

    In his own words:

“Depression” Ik Meri Kahaani Bnaam “Dhanwaad Sache Rab”Da Te “Dhanwaad Australia”

Gal 2012 Di aa Jdhon Mai “Tera Cheta” Geet Naal Bahut Hit Hoya Os Vele Mainu Australia Ch Baithe nu eh Andaaja Nhi C K Mai Ena jyada Hit ho gya Haan K Har Tractor Traali jaa Gadiaan ,Busaan Ch Batth Batth Ho gyi aa , But Kuj Ohna Lokaan Nu Mere Ton jyada Andaaja Ho gya c K Eh Banda Kuj kru jo Mainu Agge Nhi c Aun Den Chahunde Te Apne Kalakaaran Nu agge Rakhna Chahunde c Jaa Aap Agge Rehna Chahnude c te Kuj Mere aale duaale Sakeemi lok …

Jdhon Mainu ptta lgya k mai bahut hit ho chukya haan but mai os time india jaa k nhi c baith sakda kyo k Rab ne mainu ik Paase Shahurat di Paurhi chrhaa dita te Duje Paase Mainu “Australia” ch reh k PR Lain lyi Ik pind vich 3 saal rehn da visa de dita te Takrhi aap Farh lyi putt India Jaa k Gaayiki krni aa jaa Australia ch reh k PR Di condition poori krni aa mai bahut Jyada Dimagi taur te preshaan c but mai Australia di PR lain nu hi pehal diti te Ik Hit Gayak Hundyaan Hoyaan v Albury Vich Ik shoti jehi Dukaan te kam kita te kyi vaar mainu punjabi Lok pehchaan v jande k tu Maninder Batth hi a Mai thorha jeha paasa v vatna but sharminde jehe ne eh keh v dena k Mai Maninder Batth hi aa Mainu bahut dukh hunda c k mai ik duniya de lyi hit kalakaar but ki kam kar reha haan eh keh k Dil nu Dilaasa De laina k Kam koi shota vada nhi and Eh Raah v Aap hi choose kita tu but oh meri majboori c mai Dimaag te preshaani lai k Kam krda reha ..

BUT SAB TON JYDADA DUKH MAINU OS VELE LGYA JDHON 2013 ch Kise AWARD CH Mera GEET “TERA CHETA” Nominate na kita gya jdhon k 2012 Da sab ton Hit Geet c ,Mai Bahut Tutya Os Din ,Kaaran v Sahmne c kuj Es Industry de Maarhi Soch vaale lok jo eh sochde c k eh banda Chalan nhi dena Market ch but mai chalda reha Bahut vaar Tutya Kyi DOST DUSHMAN Ban De V Vekhe ,Mere Chalde Geetaan Di Ad Roki gyi Tv Channels te Sirf eh keh k K hukam hai kise da ,Kdhe Mai Eh sochda k Mai Galat Faisla Lai lya AUSTRALIA C h Reh K PR Lain Vala te kdhe kuj ohna Lokaan Nu Mauka den da Dukh Jo Mainu Pehle din ton hi Thale sutna Chahunde c,Mainu Time Time te Preshaan kita gya kuj Lokaan valon But Mai Jarda Reha te apna kam krda reha Te Dil v Bahut tutda reha Mera…

But 2 Ku Din pehlaan “Sushant Singh” di Maut Ton Baad Acchanak eh Ehsaas Hoya k Mai Australia ch PR lain Da Faisla Shyd Thik lya kyo k Ghato ghat Roti taa vdhiya khaa reha vdhiya jindgi handaa reha Geet aunde rahe aa te aunde rehn ge Jekar Mai India ch chlaa janda taa shyd jinaa lokaan ne mainu Aus. Ch rehn de baavjood v Punjabi market ch Zero karn ch koi kasar nhi shadi Jekar mai India ch hunda taa Shyd Mainu v nhi Andaja aj mera ki haal hunda

So Es Kar K Mai Bahut Bahut Dhanwaad Karda Sache Rab Da Aap Sab Da Te os Ton V Jyada DHANWAAD “AUSTRALIA” Di Dharti da Jisne Mainu Apni Bukal ch Lai K Mehnat karn Di Parat Chaarhi te Te apni Maa Boli Punjabi ch Aap sab di Jholi Aj tak jo v mere Geet aaye te Jo hun Aune aa Ohna Nu Gaun Lyi Mainu Mehnat Kar K Jyon joga Kita …

“TERA CHETA 3” 26 June Nu aa reha and Virodhi dostaan nu benti aa K yaar hun Shado Irkhaa “

Posted by Maninder Batth on Thursday, June 18, 2020

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