Biography – RIP Soni Pabla – A Legend Never Dies

 Soni Pabla ( 29.06.1976 14.10.2006)

, Biography – RIP Soni Pabla – A Legend Never DiesTejpal Singh Pabla / “Soni Pabla”(June 29, 1976 – October 14, 2006) Born and raised in India. Soni moved to Toronto, Canada in 1994. He was working in a factory, when somehow, his finger got cut off. After this mishap, he started driving a truck. He then sold his truck for approximately $60,000, and decided to persue a singing career.

, Biography – RIP Soni Pabla – A Legend Never DiesHe studied under the teachings of 
Mahesh Malwani, which led him towards a recording contract. Soni released his Heeray Heeray in 2002. Soni Pabla first came to many Bhangra fans attention when he collaborated with fellow Planet Recordz stable-mate, on the massive album ‘Behind The Scenes.’ His song “Gal Dil Di” (with Joti Dhillon) was his trademark song, which set a pavement for him in the punjabi music industry. In 2004, Soni teamed up with Sukshinder Shinda to create a masterpiece titled “Gal Dil Di”. He did it with Bikranjit Dhindsa under his banner “Velocity Rekords”. Gal Dil Di was a big hit. The songs “Nishani” and “Gal Dil Di” were hit numbers all around.

, Biography – RIP Soni Pabla – A Legend Never Dies
Soni with his nephew

He was working on his upcoming album until his untimely death on October 14, 2006. He was performing at a concert in Toronto on 14th october 2006. He sang 4 songs and went backstage since he was not feeling well. He was given water by his friends and while talking to them, he just collapsed. His friends tried to revive him but he passed away even before the ambulance got to the scene.
He was the only brother of 4 sisters. He migrated with his mom to Canda about 12 years ago. He worked at a factory when he was younger, and he even worked for some time as a truck driver. At first he was just intersted in writing songs, but then later turned to singing. He recently married in December 2005; and his wife had just come to Canda 2 months ago. Soni was planning on going to India this week and he had already booked his ticket. His new album was already finished before he died.
Soni will remain in the hearts of everyone he touched, and in the hearts of those who heard his voice.
There are many rumors going around regarding Soni Pabla’s death, however, the death is in no way related to drugs, alcohol or poison. An autopsy has revealed that Soni Pabla had indeed died of a heart attack.Its sad that he only got married I believe only December 2005 he leaves his pregnant wife alone in this world. Again we pay tribute to another fallen solider. R.I.P. SONI PABLA.

The Reality About Song “Sohneyo Naraazgi Tan Nahi Gall Dil Di Je Ik Keh Dyaa” Is That..It Was Written By Soni Pabla On A Single Piece Of Newspaper While He Was Driving…
, Biography – RIP Soni Pabla – A Legend Never Dies


  •     Heeray Heeray (2002)
  •   Gal Dil Di (2004)
  •   Dil Tera (2005)
  •   Eternity (Naseebo) 2005

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