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Aashiqui Not Allowed – Punjabi Movie Info

Aashiqui Not Allowed is a punjabi movie starring Aman Sutdhar Singh and Gurpreet Kaur in lead roles. It can be prescribed as a  fresh sparkling tale for bachelors, for couples, family. It is a dish well erred with ingredients like comedy, romance and to spice it up. It contains a little bit horror too.
, Aashiqui Not Allowed – Punjabi Movie Info

Aashiqui Not Allowed Plot:
Bittu as urge to earn money lands him in trouble with the Don, Billu Bakra. Trying to run from his trouble he finds more trouble when he decides to make film for the don. When love strikes Bittu, it strikes him hard. His love for Hansi, his escape from Billu Bakra who will never let love flourish under his nose and a film cursed with more bad luck brings more despair. Together Bittu and his friend Punnu start a journey where love, friendship, fun, trouble, death and horror meet each other.

Movie: Aashiqui Not Allowed
Genre: Romance/Horror/Comedy
Star Cast: Aman Sutdhar singh, Gurpreet Kaur, Harinakshii, B.N Sharma, Gurchet Chitarkar, Jaswant Singh Rathore
Director, Writer, Screen Play, Music Director: Rakesh Dhawan
Producer: Sikander Ghuman and Ashwin Maisuria
Cinematography: K.Rajkumar
Art Director: Karma
Choreography: Sunil Thakur
Editor: Aditya Dubey
Banner: Sikandra Films

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