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Billionare – Indeep Bakshi Ft Badshah is Out Now

Sony Music recently released Punjabi singer Indeep Bakshi’s second
album ‘Billionaire’ which promises to bring new flavours to the
listeners of Punjabi hip-hop. It took Indeep a year to complete the
album which has nine songs, all written by him. Indeep’s experiment
with sound has rendered the tracks perfect to make the party lovers
dance the night away. Listeners will come across the song ‘Saturday
Saturday’ in a completely new avatar along with other Punjabi numbers,
wrapped in the type of music just right to set the party rolling.
, Billionare – Indeep Bakshi Ft Badshah is Out Now
Purchase Full Album Just Now From iTunes: 

Indeep said, “People love the songs from my album which tell about what women typically think and want. The lyrics offer my perspective, as someone from the opposite sex on those issues.”  “‘Madam Ji’, ‘I like you fully dressed’ and ‘Don’t look at me’ are especially famous among the youngsters,” he added, based on his experience from the promotional tours. Punjab is an important market for Sony Music and the company is all set to promote local music to maintain its stronghold in the area.
Pawanesh Panju, Head Sony Music Entertainment said, “Our strategy re-iterates our position as a leader in the music industry catering to local needs of the Indian music lover.” He praised Indeep’s voice and his popularity in the new generation. The event also saw rapper and pop artist Raftaar ‘Tamanche Pe Disco’ from the film ‘Bullet Raja’, Badshah (singer and rapper), along with other reputed names from the pop music industry. 

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