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Exclusive Interview With Popsy – The Music Machine by MuzicMag. Popsy is a well known music composer in Punjabi Music Industry. He is the man behind superhit songs like Naag 2 (Album Hyper, 2010) and Singhan Diyan Gaddiyan featuring Jazzy B (Single Track, 2014).
Popsy got fame with the album Larger than life released in 2002 when ‘Mukk Gayi Feem Dabbi Chon Yaaro’ became a big hit. His Album Bangin released in 2005 featuring star vocalist Lehmber Hussainpuri, Ranjit Mani, Shin DCS etc. was a grand hit. ‘Gidhe De Vich Aap Nachda’ and ‘Bhangra Punjabiyan Ne Pauna’ sung by Lehmber are among his greatest tracks. His single Hoopeh ft Nachattar Gill and Raju Dinehwala is also an evergreen bhangra track.
Popsy,Sukshinder Shinda,Music Master,Music Machine
The Music Machine – Popsy with Music Maestro – Sukshinder Shinda
Those who don’t know much about him, would love to read the facts related to him and his views/opinions in his exclusive interview with MuzicMag.

Artist Name: Popsy
Full Name: Popsy Nandha
Nick Name: Popsy aka The Music Machine
Date of Birth: 31 January
Birth Place: England, UK
Education: Music & Economic Degree

MuzicMag: For those who don’t know you – can you tell us a little about yourself?
Popsy: I Was lead keyboardist for Jazzy B for 15 year before becoming a full time Music Director.

MuzicMag: Please tell us about your First Project?
Popsy: Heavy Duty – with Ustad Kuldip Manak Ji “Kudiye tu soni ena maan kardi tenu takna vi nai”
Not many people know i made Muk Gayi Feem Dabbi Chon Yaaro.. sung by Avatar Maniac.
Feem 2 is coming soon..

MuzicMag: What initially interested you into the field of Music?
Popsy: My mom she did kirtan with the ladies at the gurdwara.

MuzicMag: What did your family do to encourage you?
Popsy: Always supported me 100%.

MuzicMag: How long have you been into this field?
Popsy: Since I was 11yrs old.

MuzicMag: How do you spend your leisure time?
Popsy: Family, holidays, Cinema, driving, listening to and catching up with latest music.

MuzicMag: What does music means to you?
Popsy: My life.

MuzicMag: Tell us about your three positive and three negative traits.
Popsy: My Positive Traits,  Im honest, Kind, give 100% in my music
Negative,.. Never upset me, Forget things that aren’t important., Hate people who lie.
Popsy Hyper,Jazzy B
Popsy With Jazzy Bains on Cover of Hyper
MuzicMag: What big names in the music industry you look to for inspiration, whose work has influenced you most?
Popsy: Charnjit Ahuja ji, Sukshinder Shinda Ji, Michael Jackson, bob Marley, Lata Ji, Mohd Rafi ji are my Inspirations.

MuzicMag: Your hobbies other than Music?
Popsy: Cinema.

MuzicMag: Did you encounter failure on your journey?
Popsy: No. But people always try to see you fail.

MuzicMag: What has been your most memorable assignment and why?
Popsy: Singha Diyan Gadiyan with Jazzy B – after the success of Naag 2, I never thought our new song would as good but its actually become a super hit worldwide.
, Exclusive Interview With Popsy aka The Music Machine | Muzicmag
Popsy – The Music Machine

MuzicMag: Does your profession describe your inner self in any way?
Popsy: I am a very simple family loving guy and music is the same fun loving for all.

MuzicMag: Which Indian singer or an International Singer you’ll like to collaborate with?
Popsy: Too many to name

MuzicMag: Your best experience at concert yet? (The crowd you adored)
Popsy: Youtube it Jazzy B at Wonderland, Toronto Canada. 66 thousand people were present there. wow that was unforgettable..

MuzicMag: How do you see your next 10 months, what are you going to do?
Popsy: I am working on a Religious album, music in a few movies, hyper 2 is almost ready and back in india after 15 years.

MuzicMag: Can you talk about a fan that completely took you by surprise?
Popsy: They all do everyday.

MuzicMag: Any celebrity crushes?
Popsy: Kareena Kapoor.

MuzicMag: Favorite Actor and Actress? (Punjabi/Bollywood)
Popsy: Amitabh Bachchan, Gippy Grewal, Priyanka Chopra & Kareena Kapoor.

MuzicMag: Tell your fans about your forthcoming projects?
Popsy: I am busy now a days in a religious album releasing April 3rd, entitled ‘Nanak Naam Chardi Kalah Tere Bhane Sarbhath Da Bhala’ ft Sardool Sikandar Ji and many more, RUS RUS with Surjit Khan is another ongoing project, and Hyper 2, as I told earlier.

MuzicMag: Which is your Favorite Color?
Popsy: Red

MuzicMag: Any Message from the Music Machine for his fans?
Popsy: Love u all and thanks for all ur love and support..

MuzicMag: A Message for the Young Generation of Punjab ?
Popsy: Stay away from drugs, buy original music and learn your mother tongue PUNJABI KEEP IT ALIVE.
MuzicMag: Absolutely, Dear visitors don’t download music from crap wap sites. Muzicmag don’t offers any illegal downloads, we always encourages the visitors to purchase original music from iTunes and other leading digital stores. Thanks to Mr. Popsy for sharing your views with us.
Interview Conductor: MuzicMag
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