Interview With Balkar Laltonwala – Punjabi Song Writer

Balkar Laltonwala is a well known upcoming UK Based Punjabi Song Writer. Balkar has kick started his career with a consistent track record of his tracks hitting Top spots on all worldwide charts, his latest track Eshareh ft. vocals of Jaswinder Daghamia is going great and is also trending in the Top 3 Songs of the Official BBC Asian Download Chart.

Balkar is Known as Bally G in UK, but for his Panjabi peeps, He is Balkar Laltonwala. He has great passion and affection for Panjabi music and has been attached to Panjabi music since childhood. He initially started of by writing stories and with time developed to write/compose songs. Balkar has over the last few years written for number of artist and is also an exclusive writer for Anonymous Productions(Dark Mc & Angel)
Read our exclusive interview with Balkar Laltonwala and get a sense of how down-to-earth, well-spoken, and highly driven this rising lyricist truly is.

Artist: Balkar Laltonwala
Occupation: Song  Writer
Date of Birth: 3rd Jan
Birth Place: London
Education:  Media at London-United Kingdom

MuzicMag: Can you tell us, What initially interested you into this field?
Balkar: First of all Sat Sri Akal, Namaste, Salam and a big hello to all. Well My father was initially part/founder of a live Panjabi group/band in London in the early 80’s, so I suppose this had a major influence in triggering off my passion in being involved and as time went by it assisted me in being creative. 
Most of my family play instruments and regular Kirtan functions developed me in having a good understanding of our culture and of Panjabi language. 
MuzicMag: What was your First Project/Song?
Balkar: I kick started my venture with 2 songs (Dushmani sung by late Kaka B & Haan de sung by Lehmber) both written by my father Bhupinder Bhindi and I had a great privilege in being part of these recordings. My first recorded written song was Jaadu which was released by The Dark Mc ft. Jaswinder Daghamia.
[*Dushmani – Je Paindi Ai Dushmani Pai Jaaye, Darr Ke Nahi Pichhe Hattna]
[**Jaadu – Mittran Te Kar Geya Jaadu, Ni Billi Akh Da Ishaara]
MuzicMag: How long have you been into this field?
Balkar: I started to venture in this field around in the late 90’s, there were regular occurrences of a lot of people in London whom all had a different but inspiring story to tell about my fathers involvement in a certain group back in the 80’s. So I started of by trying to promote and raise awareness of my father as he had abundance of his own written songs and had been out of touch with the industry.
I then started working with my good friend The Dark Mc around 2003/04 and held back my own written songs until the time was right and my first released written song which was written before Chori Chori Takna titled Jaadu came out in 2011. 
Whilst Growing up going college / work, any moment for me would mean writing a song. I love going through my old diaries, As I always find a little surprise and sometimes can’t believe what I have written.
Song Writer
MuzicMag: What did your family do to encourage you?
Balkar: Being educated on our culture, language and history is the key to me which til date has kept in touch with my roots. My Mama ji Tara Alam also a Poet / writer; his company showed me the broad side to Panjabi culture and script, whereas the folk touch and inspiration was triggered off by my father Bhind’s involvement in the music circuit. 
Family and their support is vital, and today with Gods grace I am driven and motivated by my wife and kids.
MuzicMag: What are your priorities in free time ? How do you spend your Time available for ease and relaxation ?
Balkar:Most of the time with my family and I love travelling and have made it a priority to take my family to India at least once a year.
MuzicMag: What does music means to you?
Balkar: Music is a universal language, music is what feelings would sound like. From a writers point of view I have written some songs based on the feeling the music is creating. Music is as powerful as words.
MuzicMag: Tell us about positive and three negative distinguishing features of your personal nature.
Balkar: I have over time become Patient, understanding and am always friendly. Negative traits I am competitive, can easily be distracted and apparently am lazy, well that’s what my wife says lol.
MuzicMag: A big name from the music industry who encourage you to always do something better, whose work has affected you most, your source of inspiration?
Balkar:Gurdas Maan Saab is my all time favourite, his songs and delivery has inspired me since I have been in my senses. I have learnt what the high standard means from listening to lyrics written by Babu Singh Mann, Dev Thriekewala and Shamsher Sandhu. 
Chamkila and Didar Sandhu have also contributed towards my development, and not forgetting my father.
MuzicMag: What are your hobbies other than Music?
Balkar: Varies with season, but the music is all year round.
MuzicMag: Did you encounter failure on your journey?
Balkar: If you have not encountered failure then your goals have been too easy. Being able to rebound and setting yourself back to remain on track after failure is valuable experience and is also part of essential learning which helps you in all aspects of life. So always trying.
MuzicMag: What has been your most memorable assignment and why?
Balkar: All assignments in particular times/ Era have their unique story and are memorable. 
I suppose from it’s first recording to its release and to do a cameo appearance in my debut track Jaadu has its perquisite. 
Majority of my songs have hit the no.1 spot on the BBC Asian charts so this achievement makes your work worthwhile.
MuzicMag: Does your profession describe your inner self in any way?
Balkar: Some Songs sometimes are written with a certain character in mind, so not all time but Majority of the time you do try to portray your inner self.
MuzicMag: Which Indian singer or an International Singer you’ll like to collaborate with?
Balkar: Yo Yo Honey Singh / Diljit
MuzicMag: How do you see your next 10 months, what are you going to do?
Balkar: Always living life like no tomorrow. In terms of work always ready for a new challenge.
MuzicMag: Can you talk about a fan that completely took you by surprise?
Balkar: Knew lyrics to all my released songs and yet was not fluent in Panjabi , glad that our work is bringing our community in the UK/USA close to their mother tongue.
MuzicMag: Your favorite Actor and Actress? (Punjabi/Bollywood)
Balkar: After careful analyses at this very moment of time I would say Aamir Khan.
MuzicMag: Please tell our audience about your upcoming projects ?
Balkar: With Gods grace there are lots of projects in the pipeline. This year will see releases of my songs sung by Jaswinder Daghamia, Daljit Mattu, Lehmber Hussainpuri, Billa Bakshi, Sudesh Kumari , Narinderjeet, and so many other exclusive singers from India and upcoming talent from UK. 
Eshareh by Dj Gurps is now out and in the next few months Anon ft. Nav Sidhu, song called number1 by DJ Sukh ft. Saini Surinder and song called Swag by Kayrun ft J Daghamia will be out.
MuzicMag: Message for the Young Generation of Punjab?
Balkar: Treasure is in Punjab, no need to go searching elsewhere.
You are lucky, trust me,
MuzicMag: Any Message for your fans?
Balkar: Thanks for liking and singing along to songs that I just wrote for a little laugh to sing to mates, not knowing that one day those imaginations will be global and that these songs will actual be released. 
Thank you all for your support and feedback, 
means a lot.
MuzicMag: Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us today. May God bless you. We wish you all the very best on what’s coming up next. God Bless You.
and Dear visitor, please Buy original CDs/Always Download Songs legally from digital media stores such as iTunes and Google Play to support Music Industry.

Follow Balkar Laltonwala on his official Twitter Account @ballygg

Here is the List of Big Hits written by Balkar Laltonwala:

Eshareh – DJ Gurps Ft Jaswinder Daghamia | Download From iTunes | Lyrics 

Jaadu – Dark MC Ft Jaswinder Daghamia | Download From iTunes

Sajna Nu – Anon & T-Minder | Download From iTunes

Aetbaar – Dark MC Ft Miss Pooja | Download From iTunes

Tera Hogeya – Tindy & Rixx ft Jaswinder Daghamia | Download From iTunes

Glassi Layiea – U Music Feat Jaswinder Daghamia | Download From iTunes

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