Manjunath – Hindi Movie 2014 First Look, Cast and Crew, Plot Outline

Manjunath is a warm inspirational film based on the true story of Manjunath Shanmugam, sails officer at Bharat Oil, Lakhimpur Kheri, UP, who was shot dead on November 19th, 2005 on his duty. This 124 minute film in Hindi is co-produced by NFDC (National Film Development Corporation of India), the major film producing agency sourcing independent cinema from various regions of India, and ICOMO, an interesting company driven by young educated professionals.
Who was Manjunath?
An exceptional young man, who found the truth in life. He decided, after some confusion, that he will only be happy if he did what he felt was right. He was killed in 2005 for taking on the oil mafia head on.
Plot outline:
Set in India’s hinterland, the film follows young Manjunath Shanmugham’s journey as he passes out of the elite IIM Lucknow and joins an oil company.
One day Manjunath goes missing.
When found, Manjunath appears very frantic. Both he and his friends had realized that there is a large scale adulteration of fuel taking place. It is so big that no one says anything. But Manjunath has realized that the fuel is getting adulterated with kerosene, which is sold cheaper for the ‘poorest of poor’.
This unnerves him. He has had an elite education, and that ‘if he does not do something, then who will?’.
In a dramatic sequence of events, he gets several threats to his life,yet decides to do the right thing. Surely enough, he is shot dead on duty. There seems no hope, then suddenly unrelated people combine to take the fight to the mafia, and get him justice.
Cast and Crew:
Movie: Manjunath
Genre: Real story with drama
Starring: Seema Biswas, Yashpal Sharma, Divya Dutta, Kishor Kadam, Rajesh Khattar, Anjori Alagh
Director/Writer/Screenplay: Sandeep A. Varma
Cinematography: Prakash Kutty
Produced by: Viacom18 Motion Pictures, ICOMO & NFDC
Music: Sonam, Nitin, Subir (Parikrama)
Sound Design: Subhash Sahoo
Lyrics: Rajnish Bisht, Sandeep A Varma
Costume Design: Rohit Chaturvedi
Editing: Sandeep Francis
Line Producer: Neelam Sethi
Date of Release: 9th May 2014

First Look:

Hindi Movie,Real Story

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