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Punjabi Song Lyrics

Catch Prabh Jot’s Debut Single ‎Heer‬ Feat Desi Routz, Frame Singh

Here comes another good song from Panj-Aab records, this time debutant Prabh Jot wins heart with track ‘Heer’. Beautiful and Meaningful lyrics are written by Preet Sivia and Music of the song is produced by Desi Routz. Video Film of the track is directed by Frame Singh.

, Catch Prabh Jot’s Debut Single ‎Heer‬ Feat Desi Routz, Frame Singh

Review: All is good in the track, Quality singer with awesome voice, Lyrics are out of words ‘Kare Heer Duaawan Ve, Ranjhe Nu Paun Layi’ and Music Video makes it a 10/10, beautiful concept by talented directors Mohit Midha and Puneet S Bedi. Desi Routz have shown their skills in music producing a successful mix of classic tune with light electro n dubstep all together.

Heer – Prabh Jot Lyrics Excerpts:

Teri Yaad Khwaab Bani, Mere Dil Vich Vass Gayi Ai
Har Raaz Mohabbat Da, Mere Dil Nu Dass Gayi Ai
Tu Raazi Ho Jawein, Tab Raazi Ho Jaave
Tere Naal Main Laaiyan Ve, Ik Tenu Paun Layi
Kare Heer Duaawan Ve, Raanjhe Nu Paun Layi

► Heer Official Music Video – Prabh Jot Ft Desi Routz


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