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Sajjna Di Gall Ft Mandeep Mithi – Lyrics & Music Video Review

Speed Records brings a Fresh Vocalist Mandeep Mithi in their Latest release ‘Sajjna Di Gall’. Sajjna Di Gall is a sad Punjabi Song, penned by Prof Deedar Singh Deedar and Composed by Mandeep Mithi himself.
Video of the track is directed by Harman Buttar, spotting well known Punjabi Model Vishakha Thakur opposite to Mandip in the lead role. It seems like the concept of video is adapted from Virsa Arts’ directed video ‘Veham Door Kar Gayi’ Ft Roshan Prince. Vishakha is filmed as a middle-aged woman once again just like she was shown in Veham Song, Bad luck for her. Concept is good but lacks creativity and is hard to understand for common audience.
Mandeep Kicks out his wife Vishakha and Son out from the Home in the earlier part. Video moves forward and both of them gets old with a cheap makeup. In the end Vishakha is forced to leave home by their drug addict son and she returns to old Mandeep again.
Song starts with a Beautiful Shayar,
“Laa Milaunian Tussin Je Sikh Hi Layian,
Te Kithe Tod Nibhauni Vi Sikhni Si,
Je Tusi Sikh Laye Dilan De Zakhm Torne,
Te Utte Maraham Vi Launi Sikhni Si”
Song Lyrics:
Kade Patteyan Di Gall, Kade Taahniyan Di Gall
Sanu Das Ja Hawaaye.. Hawaaye.. 
Saade Sajjna Dai Gall, Saade Haaniya Di Gall
Kade Vadd Di Hai Dhupp, Kade Chubhdi Ai Chhaan
Menu Oston Bagair, Sunna Laggda Ghraa
Ohnu Yaad Nahi Mohabbtan Puraniyan Di Gall
Saanu Das Ja Hawaaye.. Dass Ja Hawaaye.. 
Saade Sajjna Dai Gall, Saade Haaniya Di Gall
Kaanwa Bol Banere Te
Ik Vaari Aaja Sohneya Ve, 
Jind Vaara Main Tere Te
Kade Takkre Deedar, Aake Edhro Vi Langhe
Sada Rom Rom Khair Ohdi Zindagi Di Mange
Kade Sun Ja Akhiyan Nimaniyan Di Gall
Sanu Das Ja Hawaaye.. Dass Ja Hawaaye.. 
Sade Sajjna Dai Gall, Saade Haaniya Di Gall

► Sajjna Di Gall Official Music Video – Mandeep Mithi


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