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Yo Yo Honey Singh Releases New Album ‘Desi Kalakaar’

The Indian rapper, Bhangra and Bollywood music producer, singer and film actor Yo Yo Honey Singh is back with a brand new 8 track music album titled ‘Desi Kalakaar’. 
The last full album he did was ‘International Villager (2011)’ – His debut Project which helped him to make his place in Bollywood with tracks like ‘Angreji Beat’, ‘Gabhru – J Star’ and ‘Brown Rang’etc. It has been reported that he has been paid the highest fee ever for a Bollywood song ‘Angreji Beat’ (as of 2012) of INR7 million (US$120,000) for a song in the films “Cocktail” and “Mastan”.
, Yo Yo Honey Singh Releases New Album ‘Desi Kalakaar’
‘Desi Kalakaar’ is his second album loaded with 8 tracks. Tracks in the album are ‘Desi Kalakaar’, ‘Love Dose’, ‘I am Your DJ Tonight’, ‘Chal Mere Ghar’, ‘Daftar Ki Girl’, ‘One Thousand Miles’, ‘Stardom’ and one odd titled ‘Latrine (I M Doing My Shit)’. Lyrics of 5 tracks are penned by Yo Yo Honey Singh, 2 by Lil Golu and 1 by both of them jointly. 
However It wouldn’t be an album like ‘International Villager’, Magic of Yo Yo’s stardom is enough to make this Rap Album hit.

, Yo Yo Honey Singh Releases New Album ‘Desi Kalakaar’

Album Title Desi Kalakaar
Singer(s) Yo Yo Honey Singh, Mansheel Gujral, RJ Naved
Music Producer Yo Yo Honey Singh
Song Writer Yo Yo Honey Singh, Lil Golu
Music Label T-Series
Year 2014
Tracks 8
Download Mp3 (iTunes) Download

► You can Listen to all the Songs of Desi Kalakaar on Official Youtube Channel of T-Series

Desi Kalakaar – (Official  Audio & Video)
Love Dose (Official  Audio)
I’m Your DJ Tonight (Official  Audio)
Chal Mere Ghar (Official  Audio)
Daftar Ki Girl (Official  Audio)
One Thousand Miles (Official  Audio)
Stardom (Official  Audio)
♫ Laterine (Official  Audio)

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