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Navi Kamboz and Nandan Monga Are No Longer Working Together

The controversy of well-known songwriter Navi Kamboz and his mate singer Nandan Monga is on hype. According to sources Mitran De Boot fame lyricist Navi Kamboz, and singer Nandan Monga who got fame with Gall Dil Di, will no longer collaborate in any of their forthcoming project. Gal Dil Di was also written by Navi Kamboz.

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Navi Kamboz (Left) with Nandan Monga (Right)

On condition of anonymity, one source from Punjabi Music Industry has given a brief detail of this latest altercation. Actually Navi Kamboz and Nandan Monga were friends from very long time. Navi has written songs for Nandan Monga’s debut album Rewind also. Because of their mellow friendship, It was easy for Nandan Monga to breach the security of Navi Kamboj’s official social media account. His verified official account had more than 37,000 fan-followings but the account was first hacked and later deleted, that’s enough attentive for us to blame Nandan Monga. However when we approached Mr. Navi, he declined to name the causer. 
After getting fame with Mitran De Boot – one of the biggest hit of 2014, Navi is now concentrating on a lot more big projects and some of his old friends wants him to stick only to them and don’t want let him work on bigger platforms, that’s sort of ridiculous behavior for such immature artists who are pulling progressive feet of their colleagues.

*The article contains the personal opinion of the author with semi-verified information.


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