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Prabh Gill was born on December 23 in Ludhiana, Punjab. When he was around 12 years old or so, he joined music classes from where his music journey began! 
When it comes to Punjabi music, we see a numerous variety of singers. Some of them are really good with no doubt but we often see hidden talents and they are taken for granted. Not long ago, a hidden talent erupted into the Punjabi music world, Prabh Gill. He stepped into the scene and never looked back. His start was random but he started getting awesome feedback from his new fans. Acapellas turned into professionally produced tracks and it didn’t take him too long until he became one of the best Punjabi singers in the music scene. One track after another, fans demanded more and here he is, a diamond in the rut that is now a shining star!
Prabh Gill, Prabh Gill – Punjabi Singer Biography | Wiki
Prabh Gill, born and raised in Ludhiana, Punjab (A known city for its industrial aspects and home to stars like Late Kuldeep Manak) had to work hard in the music field. It was definitely not an option for him but as his passion grew, there was no holding back. He worked day and night in his fields but as his passion pulled, so did his heart. He often sang at home with family and friends, and also participated in college events. He had finally decided music was the way to go but promised himself one thing; his passion will not be overcome by money. He sings from his heart and does not focus on money and his promise remains intact till this day.
Prabh Gill, Prabh Gill – Punjabi Singer Biography | Wiki
Prabh Gill grew up listening to Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Kuldeep Manak, and Mohammed Saddiq. He was highly influenced by them and practices as much as he can to become stars like them. As the generations change, so does fashion and style. Prabh Gill’s style is an all-rounder, he has made hits such as “Haan Karde” and “Hostel#1” which are playing in colleges. hostels and clubs within the young generation. 
When he passed 10 grade in 2004, his dad introduced him to C.L Bhalla who became his music teacher. Prabh Gill completed his Bachelors of Arts in Music and took vigorous training. After he had graduated, he realized music was his aim in life and that is what he wanted to succeed in. 
Prabh Gill started to show his skills to his friends from which he got stronger. The feedback from Gill’s friends and family encouraged him to aim higher. 
Prabh Gill, Prabh Gill – Punjabi Singer Biography | Wiki
On October 21, 2009, he recorded his first single Tere Bina and published it on the internet. Just in one day, there were 1500 downloads! The second single Mere Dil Di Tu Jaane was posted on December 2009 after Gill got numerous requests via Facebook, Twitter, phone calls and e-mails.
After all the positive feedback, he decided to release a full produced song Haan Karde which is now a worldwide hit at parties and gatherings. After Gill started gaining more fame from his fans all over the world, he did another single Tere Toh Bigair which won everyone’s hearts. A multi-artist album was released with his hit songs Haan Karde and Sohniye in 2011. 
Prabh Gill, Prabh Gill – Punjabi Singer Biography | Wiki
Since Gill had already created a name for himself, he was not new to the scene no more. Fans were demanding for more and more and by the time he gained full popularity, Notorious Jatt was released which hit top charts worldwide and played on BBC. It had the most downloads from all his other singles. 
As Gill kept practicing his skills, he kept releasing singles through the year of 2011. By the end of 2011, he released Ek Ardaas which was a religious song in collaboration with Immortal Productions & Gupsy Aujla a UK based music producer. 
Another single Mera Naam was released in a multi-artist album short after. As 2011 ended, he finished it off with a single Guzara which was became a hit just like his other singles! Immortal Productions had started an Anti-drug project in April 2012 . He sang Jawani Punjab in which he gave a message towards the youth of Punjab drowning themselves in drugs. Gill received very positive feedback after Jawani Punjab Di due to the fact that it was a song for the situation in Punjab of drugs. He released his debut album titled ENDLESS on 16 December 2012 & its available on iTunes & at the stores near you. 
Prabh Gill, Prabh Gill – Punjabi Singer Biography | Wiki
Gill has been very appreciative to all his fans to which he personally replies to whenever he gets the time. He has aimed for a path in which he wants to receive respect from not only his young listeners but also elderly listeners as well.
Feedback means a lot to him and he tries his best to fulfill his fan’s requests. He takes out his time to read and comment on his fan’s feedback, which shows how much he cares! 
Prabh Gill is producing albums with various producing companies. We wish and hope to see him reach great heights with his singing and may his passion for music grow even more.
He thanks God and all his beautiful fans for making him what he is today.

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