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Punjabi Movie

Ashke – Amrinder Gill’s New Punjabi Movie 2018 | Movie Review

Ashke is the title of Punjabi Movie starring Amrinder Gill and Jaswinder Bhalla. The film is directed by Sanjeeda Ali Shaikh.

The story of the film Ashke is written by one and only Dheeraj Rattan and produced by Karaj Gill under production house Rhythm Boyz Entertainment.

Movie Ashke
Starring Amrinder Gill,
Jaswinder Bhalla
Writer Dheeraj Rattan
Producer Karaj Gill
Studio Rhythm Boyz Entertainment
Release Date July 27th, 2018
Ashke - Amrinder Gill's New Punjabi Movie 2018

It is a great achievement of Amarinder Gill by bringing a film on a totally untouchable topic without any promotion in the film industry which is indulged in making films on hockey and military warriors.

Till Wednesday It was not known to many that a movie of Amarinder was coming. On Thursday, the trailer was released and it crossed a million views within a few hours. No TV or no high promotion. There were no praised interviews, no press releases and they released the movie within the 24 hours of trailer launch; wowww!!!.

After seeing this self-confident belief of Amrinder Gill, one gets out of his mouth spontaneously, ‘Ashke’ Oye Mundya Tera.

The Khalsa College and Bhangra are interconnected together with each other as the knot is attached to the kite. The Khalsa College is a brand of Bhangra and Bhangra is the brand of Khalsa College.

The story of this movie revolves around this brand and reminds our generation the beauty of college days.

Pamma Dhillon, who has been defeated due to bad politics, becomes successful to deliver a very strong message that Bhangra should be done to make yourself happy and it should not be practiced with a habit of fake win.

There is a strong element in film Ashke of Amarinder that its characters are not artificial but are so close to the lifestyle of the common people that everyone feels that this is happening to me.

If we talk about the acting skill of Amarinder, he has crossed more than 4-5 stairs on the staircase of success in a single jump. His simplicity of the dialogue delivery takes him closer to the audience and he seems to be more a friend rather than a film star to the viewers.

Amrinder Gill’s most striking feature is that he has never allowed the glamour to get closer to him. When he takes any character on the screen, He leaves the inner Amrinder somewhere far far away.

It seemed as if he would not be able to drop the character ‘Kala’ from movie Angrej but in the next movie Love-Punjab, he became Pargat; audience almost forgot the character Kala for a while. And in the same way, when he played the character Bhola in ‘Golak Bugni Bank te Batua’ people started to grasp him as ‘Bhola’ forgetting the old Pargat. Now what we believe; people will remember Amrinder Gill as Pamma Dhillon till the next movie.

Amberdeep’s direction is superb and the script of Dheeraj Rattan keeps you in sync with the film that you won’t feel the boredom even for a moment. When Jaswinder Bhalla comes on the screen, the screen itself seems to be laughing, and in the same way, when visually graceful looking Hobby Dhaliwal puts his eyes in the eyes of the audience, it provokes the audience to shout in excitement.

Hardeep Gill, in the role of Amarinder’s father, gives a perfect feeling of a stubborn Hawaldar whose only duty is to beat the ass of criminals in Police station like a typical Punjab police cop.

Rupi Gill, in the role of ‘Noor’ with her fierce look, works like a spice in the fruit. She amplifies the hearbeat of the audience when she uses the words ‘Oye Pardhana’ to call Amrinder Gill.

The main hero, Sanjeeda Shaikh, is acting equally with Amarinder. The one who has impressed us with her intimate expressions, she is Avi Randhawa who’ve palyed character of Amarinder’s sister. Sarabjit Cheema, the captain of Bhangra and Gurshabad have also left their imprints in serious roles.

Overall, the film will trouble the Hindi films released on the same day. There is a need to put a ‘Kala Tikka’ on Amarinder and Amberdeep’s foreheads to save the duo from people with ‘Buri Nazar’.


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